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Pillsy is like having a digital assistant for vitamins and medications, with an easy-to-use app, connection to the care team and optional smart medication packaging.

Intelligent Reminders

Get reminders when you forget a dose. Pillsy Smart Cap beeps and blinks and you'll get notifications on your phone.

Automatic Tracking

Pillsy automatically marks the dose as taken when you open the bottle, with no need to open the app.

Double Dose Alerts

Can't remember if you took a pill? Pillsy will warn if you've already taken a dose.

View your History

Open the Pillsy app at any time to easily view your history.

Smart Snoozing

If you're not near your pills for your scheduled dose Pillsy will remind you when you come in range.

Care for Loved Ones

Turn on Pillsy's sharing feature to get text message notifications when a loved one misses doses.

“The auto tracking of Pillsy is a lifesaver. Before I had tracking apps, but would forget to actually track when I took my pills. Having it automatically track ensures I never forget and never double up on medication.”

Rachel W.

Thank you for making a product that helps me manage a chronic illness. I have recommended it to several doctors and support staff as something to help with anyone challenged with adherence.

John P.

“One of the other big reasons I started to use Pillsy was because I would often be so distracted when I took my medications that I couldn’t remember if I had actually done it or not. Pillsy has solved that problem for me.”

Alex B.

I love this thing. I was in a car accident a couple years ago, and suffered a pretty bad concussion. Most things are back to normal, but my memory is terrible about certain things. Half the days I would skip taking my thyroid medication entirely, and other days I would take it twice. Not good! This reminds me to take it every day, and lets me know if I’ve already taken it. Perfect.

Shannon P.

“I have ADHD and keep forgetting if I’ve already taken the pill or not. Pillsy registers when I've taken a pill without a fault.  This feature has made life a lot easier for me, in addition to keeping track of what time I take my morning pill at so I don’t take the afternoon pill too soon and get side effects."

Maria G.

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