How Pillsy Helped Me Learn To Remember to Take My Prenatal Vitamins

May 16, 2018 12:09:21 AM

Pillsy was my cure for Mommy Brain!

I’ve always liked the idea of taking vitamins. I am fairly health conscious, and I know that taking vitamins will ensure that I’ll get a full dose of nutrients every day. Unfortunately, I’ve always been one of those people who will buy a jumbo-sized bottle of multivitamins only to let them expire before breaking the seal. I can’t explain why I can’t make it a part of my daily routine -- it’s just never been top of mind for me.

Then I got pregnant. Suddenly, me remembering to take vitamins was not just for my benefit -- it was critical for my child’s development. Even with this increased importance, I’m ashamed to admit that I still struggled to remember to take my prenatal vitamin every day. I blame a combo of (pre)mommy brain, a demanding career, and all the new things I had to remember (doctor’s appointments, foods to avoid, etc.). I took my prenatal at best every other morning before work, and half of the days I would struggle to remember whether I actually took it -- even when I did.


This is me after I got pregnant. I'll admit that I had a tough time staying on top of my prenatal vitamins.

Because I'm married to one of Pillsy’s founders, I was able to become a beta tester. I knew it was the solution I needed to ensure my baby was getting his vitamins every day. My husband and I would occasionally discuss about his interest in using principles of behavioral science to help people form new healthy habits, like taking a vitamin or medication (forgetfulness is a big deal with medications too). I was never going to be able to dedicate more mental bandwidth to taking vitamins, and the Pillsy cap and app did the work for me.

Pillsy came with a special cap that I replaced my prenatal lid with, and I downloaded the free app onto my phone (I have an iPhone). The setup process was super simple -- I added my prenatal and set the frequency to daily at 7:30 am (15 minutes before I leave for work). Whenever I’d forget to take my prenatal on my own, Pillsy would send me a reminder before I left for the office. And I stopped worrying throughout the day about whether I actually took it (or was I remembering taking it yesterday?), because I could look up my history in the Pillsy app and know for certain. This made me feel empowered to take care of my baby’s health, and it was one of the few things I felt in control of while I was pregnant (my weight and lower back pain was a different issue!).

Immediately after I got my PillsyCap, I never missed another prenatal throughout my entire pregnancy. After I had my baby boy, I relied on Pillsy even more to remind me to take my prenatal (since I was nursing) and to give my son a dose of Vitamin D. Mommy brain has no chance against Pillsy!



Things got easier after I started using Pillsy and I never missed a dose.

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