Never forget a pill again with smart reminders,
automatic dose tracking, and more!

Medication iphone

Smart Medication Bottle

with child-resistant vial

vitamin iphone

Smart Vitamin Bottle

with twist-off bottle

Common Questions

What comes in the box?

Each box comes with a PillsyCap, a compatible vial, instructions, a replaceable coin cell battery, and interchangeable colored bands that you can put onto your PillsyCap.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts for about a year. You can easily replace the battery with another 2450 coin cell battery.

What types of reminders will I get?

Pillsy has four types of reminders. 1) The Smart pill cap will beep and blink at the scheduled dose time. 2) You can get smartphone notifications. 3) You can opt in to receive text message reminders 20 minutes after the scheduled dose time. 4) You can also opt in to receive automated phone call reminders that come 1 hour after the scheduled dose time. In all cases, you'll only be reminded if you haven't already taken the dose.

Can I use the Pillsy app to get reminders without the smart pill cap?

Absolutely! Consider purchasing a smart pill cap for a better experience tracking doses, or if you want more audible reminders. Many of our users report that the unique sound of the smart pill cap's beep helps them to stay on track of their pills more than an app notification.

How do the caregiver notifications work?

When you setup the Pillsy Helpers feature you'll receive a text message if a loved one is more than 1 hour late for a dose.

What are the behavioral science principles behind Pillsy?

The Pillsy System is based on principles of several habit training theories. By automatically tracking doses and providing realtime feedback we hope to help people train themselves to develop the healthy habits that they aspire to create for themselves. You can read more about habit training here.

I have multiple medications or vitamins. How many PillsyCaps do I need?

You can connect multiple PillsyCaps to the app - this provides the best overall experience. Some people like to use one PillsyCap to remind them to take all of their medications at the same time. Other people start with one and buy more later - it's up to you!

Can I use my Health Savings Account (HSA) card to pay for Pillsy?

Yes! Pillsy is an approved product for purchase with HSA/FSA cards. Our website accepts most cards online. If your HSA card processor is conservative then you may need to provide them with a receipt after your purchase.

Are there any additional fees?

Nope! You get all of Pillsy's software for free when you buy, including sharing.

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Tech specs

Pillsy was designed to take advantage of the most modern and low-power wireless technologies.


  • Tracks when it's opened & closed
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Medication Bottle: Rexam PM-20 fill (child-resistant)
  • Vitamin Bottle: 225cc (twist-off)
  • 6-month battery life


  • Set your schedule
  • Get reminders
  • Syncs to PillsyCap & cloud
  • Use with or without your PillsyCap
  • PillsyCap firmware upgrades


  • iPhone iOS 7 & up
  • Android 5.0 & up
  • Bluetooth 4.0