Connected Pharmacy Platform

Differentiate your pharmacy and support patient adherence

Pillsy is a flexible platform that you can use to generate additional revenue for your pharmacy. Pillsy can be integrated directly into your pharmacy in a way that enables you to provide high-value remote monitoring services. Alternatively, it can also be sold directly to the consumer (Pillsy is also an HSA/FSA-eligible expense). Our system was designed to improve patient convenience and adherence in an affordable way while working within existing pharmacy workflows. 

Some of our functionality:

  • Automatic Dose Tracking:  Doses are automatically tracked when a patient opens our bottle. Data is synced to the dashboard in realtime.
  • Intelligent Reminders: Patients receive automated reminders via SMS.
  • Caregiver Support: Patients can share with family members and other members of their support team.
  • More Efficient Communications: Communicate with the right person at the right time. Use our built-in communication tools to save time and be more effective.
  • Seamless Deployment: Optionally, our smart pill caps can arrive "pre-tagged" to sync data to your pharmacy. Just give them to your patients-that's it!

You can use Pillsy to support some of the newer business models that are emerging in pharmacy:

  • Externally-Funded Adherence Programs: Receive payment when you provide smart pill caps to patients with qualifying medications or conditions, with no upfront investment.
  • Remote Monitoring and Chronic Care Management: Pharmacists may be permitted to bill for Chronic Care Management or Remote Monitoring services in some states.
  • Differentiate Your Pharmacy: Differentiate your pharmacy to organizations that care about prevention, like value-based care organizations or physician practices that are billing for Chronic Care Management (CCM) or Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).
  • Support Your 5-Star Rating: Both Medicare and private insurance now directly tie medication adherence rates to pharmacy reimbursements. Use Pillsy to help stay ahead of the competition.

Contact us to learn more about how PIllsy can help your pharmacy grow revenue while getting a leg up on the competition.