Patient-Focused Medication Engagement Platform 

Engage with the right person at the right time

Pillsy's patient engagement platform was designed specifically for clinical and specialty pharmacies. Use Pillsy as a way to differentiate your pharmacy from your competitors or as a new revenue source. 

Selected features include:

  • Automatic Dose Tracking: Doses are automatically tracked when a patient opens our bottle. Data is synced to the dashboard in realtime.
  • Intelligent Reminders: Patients receive automated reminders via SMS.
  • Seamless Deployment: Optionally, our smart pill caps can arrive "pre-tagged" to sync data to your pharmacy. Just give them to your patients-that's it!
  • More Efficient Communications: Communicate with the right person at the right time. Use our built-in communication tools to save time and be more effective.
  • Flexible Platform: Engage patients through any combination of SMS, mobile, and our smart pill caps.

Contact us to learn more and to receive a free consultation on how you can use Pillsy to gain a competitive advantage.