Pillsy for Brands

We help brands create fun and convenient product experiences that are customized to the needs of each individual

In addition to helping people to self-manage their health, Pillsy helps them stay connected to their care teams, including family members, physicians, and other members of their support team.

Our platform can provide the following capabilities:

  • Engage people through mobile app, SMS, or over the phone, with engagements that are powered by actual behavioral information
  • Develop customizable educational pathways that can be triggered based on observed adherence, or based on their interactions with the system
  • Connect more patients to your patient support team, more easily
  • Differentiate your brand vs. your competitors by providing a better experience
  • Pillsy's software can also be integrated into other devices

Contact us to learn more and to get a free ideation session that is tailored to the needs of your brand.