Setting Up The Pillsy App

To begin using Pillsy, please follow these instructions:

  1. Download the app
  2. Create your account
  3. Add a pill. Type the name of a drug or vitamin. You can add additional information about the pill, such as the strength.
  4. Add your reminders. By default, the PillsyCap will beep and blink if you haven’t taken a dose by the scheduled time. You can adjust your reminders from within the app.

Connecting and Syncing Data

PillsyCap has Bluetooth 4.0 chip. It will sync to the Pillsy app over Bluetooth. In order for syncing to work you must have the Pillsy app installed. You must also be logged in and the app must be running. Although the app needs to be running it does not need to be in the foreground to sync to your PillsyCap.

PillsyCap stores a record of each time you open or close the cap. It sends any new data to the app any time you connect. PillsyCap can store several weeks worth of data between connections.

How Doses Are Recorded

PillsyCap has a sensor that records when the cap is opened and closed. When the cap is opened or closed the LED will blink once quickly.

A dose is counted as being “taken” if the PillsyCap is opened within 3 hours of the scheduled dose. You can also edit whether or not a dose is “taken” by scrolling through your history within the app.

How Reminders Work

After you set a reminder time, you’ll get reminded only if you don’t take your dose by the scheduled time. If you take a dose, either by opening the PillsyCap or by pressing the “take” button within the app, then the dose will be counted as “taken” and you will not receive the reminder.

Snoozing a Reminder

You can snooze a reminder by going into the app when a reminder is due and pressing “later”. After doing this you’ll have the option to snooze or skip the dose.

Types of Reminders

There are several types of reminders you can choose from. Reminders can be toggled on and off by clicking on a pill from within the “pills” screen. Here are the types of reminders:

  • PillsyCap reminders - PillsyCap will beep and blink.
  • Push notifications - You can get push notifications sent to your smartphone.
  • Text message reminders - You’ll get a text message about 20 minutes after a missed dose.
  • Phone call reminders - You’ll get a phone call about 60 minutes after a missed dose.

Some reminders will be turned on by default. Others may be toggled on and off by editing the settings in the “Pills” screen.

Adding Additional Pills to the App

You can add additional pills by pressing the + button on the homescreen of the app. You can use the app to manage up to 20 PillsyCaps at once. Please note that you may notice slower performance of the app with more than 5 PillsyCaps.

Pillsy Helpers

Pillsy helpers are people who can help a Pillsy user stay on top of their medications. If you decide to share with a Pillsy Helper they will get text message notifications 1 hour after you miss a dose.

In order to share, go to the Helpers tab and press the icon in the top right corner. You can add a helper from your contacts or by entering their mobile phone number. The Helper will get an invited sent via text message. After they confirm the message they will receive notifications when you miss a dose.

Battery Life

PillsyCap is designed to have a long battery life. The actual battery life will depend on a variety of factors, such as the number of alarms set, the number of doses taken on time, and the loudness of the alarm. The loudness of the alarm on the PillsyCap will have a major influence on battery life. Also, the battery will last much longer if most doses are taken on time before or near the scheduled alarm. You can see the remaining battery life within the “PillsyCap” screen.

Changing the Battery

PillsyCap uses a replaceable 2450 lithium coin cell battery. In order to change the battery, hold the top of the PillsyCap and rotate it clockwise. You can use a small object like a paperclip to loosen and remove the battery. Replacement batteries can be purchased at many retail stores or ordered online.

Changing the Battery from Jeff LeBrun on Vimeo.

Tips and Troubleshooting

For a complete list of issues, please go to our Support page.