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Pillsy For Research

Medication adherence monitoring is a critical investment that protects the integrity of your entire study. 

Pillsy has become a trusted and affordable solution for researchers. Uses of Pillsy's data platform can range from traditional offline data collection to collection of data from multiple sources, such as smartphone surveys and other devices.

The Pillsy Platform for Research

Collect many types of data through connected devices or our mobile app. View the data in realtime or when study participants come back for a visit.


Smart Pill Caps

Seamlessly track valuable adherence data on caps that fit standard pharmacy packaging. Data is stored in memory and can be synced in realtime using Bluetooth Smart technology. Other wireless devices coming soon.


Mobile App

Our user-friendly app can be used independently or with our smart pill caps. Patient feedback surveys can be delivered from within the app.


View Data Remotely

Access data in realtime with our easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant research portal. View high-level data or drill down to each individual dose and timestamp. Data files can be exported so you can use your software of choice to analyze it.

Key Features

Solid Memory, Long Battery Life

Pillsy Smart Caps get a 1 to 5-year battery life, depending on frequency of connection to the app. Batteries can be easily replaced. The cap has onboard memory and can store years worth of adherence data between connections. Our patented Smart Caps also have visual and audible reminders that can be turned off or on depending on your needs.

Can be Used
Offline or Online

Pillsy syncs using the latest using the same Bluetooth Low Energy technology that is so robust it's even being used by in pacemakers. Study participants can sync data in realtime if they download the mobile app or they can bring the device in for your research team to connect and sync data at the end of your study.

Excellent Quality
and Support

Have a question? Our team, which is based in the U.S., will get back to you right away. All Smart Caps are tested multiple times, with each Device ID being registered to the cloud in production and in testing, similar to the most advanced medical devices.

Secure and HIPAA Compliant

Data stored on Pillsy is hosted in the cloud on a highly secure system. All data is encrypted and is send over SSL. When it comes to security we’re not messing around.

View Data Conveniently Online, Or Download It

Data can be downloaded into a .CSV file for analysis, or viewed in our web-based portal. It’s up to you.

Modern and Affordable

Why compromise? With Pillsy, you can have a great researcher product at a reasonable price. Pillsy can also collect remote patient monitoring data from wireless blood pressure cuffs, blood glucose meters and more.

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