Capture Better Data

Wireless smart pill caps, app or hub, and research portal

Pillsy is a modern smart pill cap that works with an app. Older systems have been used by clinical researchers for decades to collect valuable adherence data. In comparison, we offer additional functionality, such as the ability to view data in realtime.

Key Features of the Smart Pill Cap:

  • Fits common vial sizes (One-Clic, Friendly & Safe)
  • 1-year battery life
  • Syncs to the Pillsy App
  • Smart caps can store several months of data on the cap. You can sync wirelessly when the patient comes in for a visit, even if they don't have a smartphone.

Key Features of the Research Portal:

  • Monitor patient adherence in realtime
  • View and edit reminders remotely
  • Reminders can be turned off or locked so patients cannot change them during the study
  • Download data via .CSV files, or have our team run customized queries
  • Design custom surveys or interactions that are dependent upon medication adherence data. For example, we can help you to send a survey that is triggered when doses are taken or missed.