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An Intelligent, Connected Digital Medicines Platform

Pillsy helps brands build real relationships with people by providing next generation engagement and support experiences that seamlessly integrate into their lives

The Pillsy Platform

Pillsy is a connected, omni-channel platform that supports engagement, education, and adherence. We can help you get a lot more out of your pills, or to go beyond them using principles of Behavioral Science.


Connected Devices, Including Our Smart Caps

Connected medication packaging helps to remind people to take their medications, and tracks usage without requiring them to do extra work (like pressing buttons in apps).

Our patent pending Smart Caps fit the most common vial sizes and can be adapted to any vial. Through our partners, we can also work with other types of pens, inhalers, and other device form factors. We can also connect to other Bluetooth-based devices (e.g. scales) upon request.


Customizable Mobile App

Pillsy's user-friendly app helps people manage their daily tasks, like tracking and refilling their medications.

Our app has retention rates many times higher than average - this stickiness enables us to engage people in other way through the app. Examples include surveys and educational campaigns that can be tailored to the needs of the product and each individual user.

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Clinical Support Portal and API

Data that is shared by end-users can be synced to Pillsy's HIPAA-compliant clinical support portal, which can be managed by your patient support services team or by other high-touch specialty pharmacists.

This approach is based on principles of social accountability. In one study, transplant patients who were given smart pill bottles had highest average adherence when data was shared with a remote care team 

Together We Can Deliver Amazing Experiences

Work side-by-side with top tech talent to provide people with a helpful and healthier product experience.

Engage and Retain Patients

Pillsy's mobile app has retention rates that are 5x to 10x higher than average. Leverage the 4+ years we spent building and optimizing Pillsy and get immediate access to high levels of engagement and retention.

Connection to the Care Team

Regardless of how a person connects to the app, Pillsy can help to get them connected to patient support services and the rest of their care team. With Pillsy, the entire care team is empowered to proactively reach out to the right person with the right message at the right time.

Increase Average Days -On-Therapy

Through advanced, more connected engagement, Pillsy can support medication adherence, which may lead to more frequent fills and an increase in average days-on-therapy. 

Customize Pillsy
for Your Product

Pillsy can be customized to deploy surveys and educational interventions that are individualized to each person. Pillsy can communicate via mobile app, SMS, email, over the phone and over voice platforms (coming soon).

Generate Valuable
New Insights

Pillsy can collect more different types of data than you might guess, including several types of behavioral data, physiological data and patient beliefs .

Stay Secure,

Pillsy is HIPAA compliant, with all data is hosted on a HITRUST-certified private network. With thousands of users already on our platform we aren't taking any risks.

We have something to offer to most branded pharmaceutical products (even beyond oral solids). Want to learn more?

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