Helping Patients, Made Easy

Giving your patients access to Pillsy is easy

We make it easy to provide your patients with Pillsy's smart pill caps and mobile app to help them stay on top of their medications.

Ways that your patient can get access to Pillsy:

  • Send them to a Pillsy partner pharmacy: Send your patients to one of our partner delivery pharmacies. These pharmacies will set them up automatically.
  • Give them a smart pill cap in your office: Order smart pill caps to give out in your office. Our smart pill caps can be "tagged" to automatically share data with your office.
  • Give them a coupon or voucher: Give your patients a coupon to buy Pillsy through our website or at They can even pay with HSA/FSA dollars.

In addition to helping your patients, viewing and interpreting data collected by Pillsy is often a billable service for Medicare patients under the new Remote Patient Monitoring CPT code.

Contact us to learn more about Pillsy, including how it may be a billable service for some patients.