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Never Forget A Pill Again

Pillsy is there when you need it, and fades into the background when you don't.

Automatic Tracking
Intelligent Reminders
Know Your History

Automatic Dose Tracking

The Pillsy Smart Cap automatically tracks when the bottle is opened and will mark the dose as "taken" if you have a scheduled dose. You can also setup "take as needed" medications. You can go into the app to see your entire history.


Intelligent Reminders

Pillsy Smart Cap  will beep and blink when it's time to take a dose if you haven't opened it within your scheduled dose period. You can also opt to receive notifications on your phone. The smart pill cap will beep every ten minutes for up to an hour or until you open it.


View Your History

You can view your history at any time by tapping on the drop-down calendar in the app. You can use this feature for yourself and also to make sure that nobody else has accessed opened your bottle without your permission.


Smart Snoozing

Not near your pills when it's time to take them? No worries. Pillsy will remind you when you're near your medications or vitamins again.


Caregiver Notifications

Caregivers can elect to receive smartphone notifications if their loved one misses a dose. Some caregivers opt to share account information so they can login and see their loved one's dose history.


Double-Dose Alerts

If you open the bottle twice within a dose period, Pillsy will warn you that you may be double-dosing. Please note that your phone must be connected to your bottle in order for this feature to work.


More Features Coming Soon!

Our team in Seattle is constantly working to improve Pillsy. We have several exciting new features in the works that we can't wait to release!


Ready to Get Yours?

Ask your healthcare provider about Pillsy or buy one on Amazon.